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      In the use of three-phase asynchronous motor winding short-circuit problem how to solve?
      Source: | Author:佚名 | 時間 :2022-01-20 | 802 Views | Share:
      Three-phase asynchronous motor overload for a long time, lose insulation aging of insulation effect; Wire insulation damage; Winding be affected with damp be affected with damp decreased insulation resistance caused by insulation breakdown; End and not cushion layer insulation material or plastic damage; End connection wire insulation damage; Or been struck by lightning overvoltage insulation breakdown; Friction between rotor and stator winding end insulation damage; Too many metal foreign bodies fall into the inside of the motor and oil pollution.


      3. The short circuit processing method

      (1) short circuit in the end. Insulating materials available to separate short-circuit point, also can be double insulated wire, to paint drying.

      2 short circuit online slot. After the softening, find out the short circuit point repair, back into the trough, then paint drying.

      (3) the short route turns less than 1/12 of each phase winding, the serial number of turns off all short route, connect the conduction part, forming a closed loop, supply urgent use.

      (4) winding short-circuit point when the number of turns more than 1/12, to dismantle all rewind.

      In order to avoid this problem, it is important to note that when using three-phase asynchronous motor grasp the correct method of use, and make the equipment in use within the scope of use, reduce the failure rate.

      The above content of the three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturers!