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            Lu丨An micro&special Motor . is a professional manufacturing enterprise integrating R &amp; D, production, design and sales. The company was established in 1998. As a member unit of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, it has focused on the R &amp; D and production of small and medium-sized motors and reduction motors for 24 years. Its comprehensive output value is nearly 500 million yuan. Its products sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country.

            Since the establishment of the company, design and R &amp; D have always been the core part of the strategy of micro and special motor enterprises, and won the "China energy-saving product certification", "Anhui famous trademark", "Lu'an famous product", "Lu'an famous trademark", "Anhui Enterprise Technology Center", "Anhui Industrial boutique", "Anhui Provincial water-saving city" "Anhui specialized and new champion enterprise", "Anhui specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprise", and passed the GB / T19001-2000idtISO9001 quality system certification in 2002. The products have obtained the national CCC compulsory product certification certificate and the EU CE certificate.


            The company's products are mainly various motors and reduction motors, including AC three-phase asynchronous motors widely used in various mechanical power and their derivative series, special motors for variable frequency speed regulation, variable pole multi speed motors, electromagnetic braking motors, electromagnetic speed regulation motors, fractional horsepower motors, special supporting motors for electromagnetic speed regulation, explosion-proof motors, double value capacitor single-phase asynchronous motors, low-voltage high-power There are more than a dozen series of medium-sized high-voltage motors and nearly 1000 specifications and models, as well as the four series reduction motors of K, R, F and s and Hb series industrial gear boxes that replace exports. At the same time, we accept the design, manufacture and special orders of special motors, non-standard reducers and industrial gear boxes customized by customers. Weite motor is willing to sincerely cooperate and seek common development with friends from all walks of life.